Another Night at Green Note

Samantha Whates, Bouche and Whiskey Moon Face

We were back at Green Note on Thursday 15 October 2015 to see these three acts, particularly Bouche that we had seen in The Den at Cambridge Folk Festival earlier in the year:

Samantha Whates

Samantha Whates is a Scottish singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice, orginally from Montrose but now based in London. Her solo projects include the ‘Dark Nights Make for Brighter Days’ album. Samantha has also worked and recorded with Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, Ross Wilson (Blue Rose Code), MG Boulter (Lucky Strikes), Fiona Bevan, Chris Coco and Gwyneth Herbert amongst many others.

Samantha Whates


Bouche is the music of songwriter, double bass player and singer Rebekah Robertson, accompanied by trumpet /flugelhorn and electric guitar, and occasionally violin and viola. The songs are a kind of “blue-jazz hymnal”; the honesty and rawness of the blues, with melodic salutes to early jazz and a sense of pathos and drama that nods in the direction of 18th /19th century hymns and British folk.

Bouche 01


Light levels were particularly low with Rebekah on a stage extension outside of the main pool of light!

Bouche 02

Whiskey Moon Face

Whiskey Moon Face are an alternative folk trio based around double bass, accordion and clarinet, with vocals and lyrics of singer Louisa Jones. Recently returned from a tour of Russia.

Whiskey Moon Face 02