Walking in France – Overview

This series of posts documents our week in France in June 2015 on an Inntravel arranged walking holiday entitled ‘The Land of the Crusades’. We flew from London Gatwick to Toulouse on the Saturday, then caught a train from Toulouse to Gaillac where we were met by taxis transferring our group of six on to Puycelsi where we were to stay for two nights at Chez Delphine.


Walking in France in 'The land of the Crusades'
The Land of the Crusades

Day 1  Bruniquel to Puycelsi

Day 2  Puycelsi to Castelnau de-Montmiral

Day 3  Rest day at Castelnau de-Montmiral

Day 4  Castelnau de-Montmiral to Donnazac

Day 5  Donnazac to Cordes sur Ciel

Day 6  Rest day at Cordes sur Ciel

Day 7  Transfer to Albi


Arrival at Puycelsi

Holiday Checklist

Events to look out for and avoid when booking your next holiday:

  • National and Local Elections
  • Parades and festivities such as Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day (celebrated around the World) or Netherlands King’s Day
  • Protests and Strikes
  • Sporting events such as Marathons
  • Public Holidays and particular days when shops and attractions are closed

Some of our experiences:

Protest against the Monarchy in Madrid, Spain


King’s Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands: