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140th Royal Engineers OCTU 164 Class Coy 2

This photograph includes my father James Harold Halford passing out from the Royal Engineers Officer Cadet Training Unit in Newark as a 2nd Lieutenant in June 1944

The enlarged version of the photograph is very high resolution if downloaded

I've listed all the others from the photographs so that they are searchable

  • Robertson G W
  • Smithies A A
  • Miles N E
  • Parker S
  • Johnston D D
  • Halford J H (James Harold Halford, known as Harold)
  • Hargreaves R
  • Scott G T
  • Brodie R F
  • Waterman D M
  • Bramley H G
  • Mutch H
  • Heatcote C
  • Butterley G W
  • Thackeray G
  • Mearns J D
  • Neate E W
  • Smith E H
  • Smith N H
  • Boyd K
  • Francis J H M
  • Mounsdon W A
  • Pritchard E B
  • Mooney A
  • Brazier F B
  • Williamson J
  • Parsons R A B
  • Loombe R C
  • Barden E W G
  • Hunt G M L
  • Ebbon N
  • Huntley H D
  • Strong N
  • Godwin E W
  • Whately B A
  • Monkhouse E
  • Corry F C A
  • Tucker A W K
  • Norton W J P
  • Rooley H
  • Holliday H
  • Kay E
  • Maitland J
  • Ward J E
  • Browne P A
  • Morrish H S