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Computer Inventory

Updated 4 Nov 2023 to add further devices.......

This post is about the ridiculous number of computers that I own or look after, the short list being:

  • An HP Elitebook 845 G8 (Pop!_OS 22.04) 1TB that I'm typing on now
  • A Custom Build Desktop 'Titan' (Pop!_OS 22.04) that also hosts backups
  • RPI 4/Argon One V2 (Raspian) 2TB file server/NAS
  • RPI CM4/Waveshare (Raspian) 256GB NvMe running LAMP/Nextcloud/Home Assistant

Oh and I also have a Hetzner CPX21 VPS in Germany hosting email and a couple of websites!

So five computers so far, fully utilised, all low power, the Pi's running 24/7.

I then started making a more comprehensive list to see how many more computers I have around and about that I look after, and the list grew and grew:

Desktops - I have an old desktop running Ubuntu Mate used occassionally and I recently bought a used Dell Optiplex 7040 Micro Mini that may replace one of the Pi's, although I'm currently using to learn Docker. [Total now 7]

Laptops - My wife has a Lenovo Thinkpad E15 running Windows 11, I have an old Asus E200 11.4inch that I've used travelling and I also look after a society laptop, another Thinkpad. [Total now 10]

SBCs - I have an RPI Zero 2W looking for a project (was running Wireguard) and also an older RPI Zero [Total now 12].

Phones/Tablets - two phones Pixel7 Pro and my wife's OnePlus 6T and Lenovo tablet [Total now 15].

EV - We have an electric car (Tesla M3 RWD) which as far as I can tell has at least two computers, both running Linux and the charger is a smart device as well. [Total now 18].

Routers - our broadband provider Zen provides us with a FritzBox 7530 running Fritz!OS and I have an older Asus router running OpenWRT which now acts as a wireless access point in my office/garage [Total now 20].

Cameras - We have a Reolink security camera monitoring our driveway and I look after two more at a local community centre [Total now 23]

Appliances - Our Bosch washing machine and Hive heating controller box and Dyson fan all run some sort of embedded OS [Total now 26]

LAN/Wifi - We have a total of four Devolo Powerline Magic LAN and Magic Mesh Wifi devices, also with some sort of embedded OS [Total now 30]

TVs - Two smart TVs and a HDD recorder [Total now 33]

Websites - I run two separate websites for local charities on shared hosting, one Wix and the other Wordpress [Total now 35].

How does your setup compare?