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Linux (Arch/KDE) on a Lenovo Yoga C13

With ChromeOS now end of life there are many cheap Chromebooks on the market. Inspired by a post and video by VKC of "Veronica Explains" on flashing UEFI firmware and installing various Linux distributions, I excitedly bought a really nice Lenovo Yoga C13 Ryzen 5 on eBay.

I followed the guides below and everything including installing Arch with KDE using the "archinstall" script worked fine:


Chrultrabook Docs: https://docs.chrultrabook.com
Chrultrabook Forums: https://forum.chrultrabook.com
MrChromebox script homepage: https://mrchromebox.tech

There are a few things to get used to, including a minimal keyboard layout with some missing keys (including super key, function key and delete).

I couldn't find a way to activate keyboard backlight, until I found 'brightnessctl' which on arch is installed and used as follows:

Keyboard backlight

sudo pacman -Sy brightnessctl
brightnessctl --list
brightnessctl --device='chromeos::kbd_backlight' set 100

Job Done!


All was not quite well with regular 'freezing' after sleep - appears to have been resolved with the latest firmware upgrade, which did not require battery disconnection.

cd; curl -LO mrchromebox.tech/firmware-util.sh && sudo bash firmware-util.sh

Took longer than the 90 seconds that the script output suggested. Don't panic!